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About Our Team

Dylan Smeaton

Dylan Smeaton is the founder of Being Wellness & Healing and has been certified practitioner of the BodyTalk System since 2009.  He is also an advanced practitioner of Self-Healing at Light Speed modality, and is an attuned Usui Reiki Practitioner.  Dylan is also a private meditation guide, business consultation specialist and public speaker.  He has been a featured news article on Shaw TV news and has been a columnist and guest speaker with OKinHealth magazine since 2012.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Dylan's personal alternative health history began when he was 12 years old, when his mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1990.  In 2009, Dylan moved to B.C.'s beautiful Okanagan Valley.  Dylan can be found serving clients locally in-person at the South Okanagan Naturopathic Clinic on Martin Street in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada and at Penticton's world famous downtown market every Saturday.

Dylan has performed over 2,000 sessions on hundreds of cases of individuals, tending to a wide range of subjects and conditions--from personal individual consciousness evolution and physical healing sessions, to private relationships and team-building group consciousness work.

Dylan encourages everyone to take their innate self-awareness seriously and trust the information it bestows upon them as their own truth.    

Jacqueline Seitz

Jacqueline Seitz is a Wholistic Health Practitioner, with certification in Massage therapy, the BodyTalk System (with the Mindscape technique) and second level Reiki Healing.

Jacqueline specializes in distant Bodytalk and Reiki Healing as well as local rehabilitation and therapeutic massage, helping to restore and revitalize the body’s innate communication and generate proper healing to areas within the body and life in general, that experience a lack of proper functioning. Jacqueline is aware that the musculo-skeletal system is directly linked to storing emotions and stress, and she discovered and appreciates the uniqueness in each individual's energy and ability to heal itself

With most of Jacqueline practice consisting of distant clientele, she wants to extend her services to those seeking assistance in their journey to wellbeing, without having to leave their home or change their lifestyle. That change will come from within, with Jacqueline’s help.

 Jacqueline is the founder of Self-Mastery BodyTalk, and is also the co-founder of Being Wellness and Healing.

Avichi van Campen

Originally born and raised in B.C before becoming a world traveler, Avichi spent two years residing in the Netherlands, where she had the privilege of training as a Chakradance(TM) Facilitator. This dance healing modality brought much healing, balance and harmony to Avichi’s life personally and as a result she is very excited to now be offering Chakradance workshops locally in western Canada. 

Avichi also completed the Anusara Yoga Immersion with Jayendra Hanley in Amersfoort, Netherlands, thoroughly enjoying the physical and spiritual alignment of this yoga practice.

Avichi’s yoga practice itself began in 1998 when she took her first Iyengar yoga classes in Victoria during her Under Graduate degree at Camosun College.  Ever since, yoga has been an interest and Avichi has drawn on yoga during times of stress, experiencing its balancing and healing effects.

In 2009 she became certified as a yoga teacher by the Chakra Yoga Centre’s Teacher Training. This 3 month full-time program experientially taught nine major types of yoga - one for each of our major energy centres (Chakras). The yogas experienced were Hatha, Jnana, Pranayama, Karma, Raja, Yantra, Mantra, Laya and Bhakti. This training was highly transformative and completely shifted gears for Avichi, from the focus on biology (her University Degree from UBC) to a life of living yoga.

It was during this time that Avichi became certified in the Usui Reiki Level I and Tera-Mai Reiki II & Tera-Mai Seichem. As well, she certified to be a provider of Chi Nei Tsang, and Thai Yoga Massage.

Testimonials from the Being Wellness and Healing wonderful community

"BodyTalk is my saviour, it has literally saved my life.  It gave me the strength and confidence that I needed to leave my abusive marriage, which I tried unsuccessfully to do for years!  It saved my son and I from an unhappy existence.  I feel like its changed me in so many ways: I'm happy, confident and I make decsions much easier.  I trust my intuition and I find that I don't sweat the small stuff anymore, and at work I find the things that would have stressed me out before just bounce off of me now.  I am very happy to have reached my ultimate goal of happiness and freedom.  I feel that it's all because of what BodyTalk can do!  I would strongly recommend it to everyone!"
--Natasha Edwards, 37, Calgary, AB

"Being Wellness & Healing has helped me access my awareness of the subconscious and unconscious behaviours, thoughts and emotions which had dictated the way I reacted to life.  Now I am able to apply those new energies to face challenges that were previously insurmountable, and create meaningful and lasting change in my life."

--Haley MacIntyre, 27, Penticton, BC

"I decided to try Being Wellness & Healing's services with my son William, when I noticed he was distracted, anxious and unhappy.  He only had a few sessions once per week with Dylan and right after the first session I noticed him much calmer, slept better and his mood uplifted.  He no longer showed aggression at school and was better able to verbally communicate his thoughts and feelings in a healthy way,"
--Monika Berezowski, 26, Kelowna BC


"I suffered through an abusive, irregular & negligent childhood and had a very hard time in groups and in many ways because of it.  I couldn't focus on school work and often became the class clown in my classrooms because attention and validation to make me feels secure was so much more valuable to me than self-improvement ever was, and rejection was absolute devastation for what little self-esteem I had.  Social interactions were terrifying extremes and I had severe problems having any consistency growing up. 

And I have been getting regular sessions with Being Wellness & Healing consistenly now for years now and now I am not only comfortable in social situations, I can speak in front of large groups at work. I can comfortably handle the responsibility of being a leader.  In fact, I would say that I look forward to responsibility because I know the task will be done right (usually)!  ...Look at me being confident hahaha...awesome...  I have also been in a long term relationship for almost a year and a half now, and whats more, is that I can honestly say that I am happy and I genuinely love myself.  Thank you so much BW&H, you have literally changed my life!

--Charles Gordon, 35, Calgary AB

"I stumbled upon this remarkable practitioner quite by accident.  At the time, I had no idea what BodyTalk was all about, but I felt a real need for a different sort of healing experience.  I give thanks to Dylan for being able to access and bring about a much deeper level of healing and awareness.  It has been quite an experience feeling the subtle shifts in my being following the sessioins with Dylan.  I still can't say that I completely understand it yet, but I definitely feel it." 

--Michelle Laraque, 36, Penticton BC

"I want to really thank you Dylan.  Like really dude.  Four months ago I never thought or even considered sitting a dinner table with some of the people in my life. I honestly hated them so much and they made me so angry that it literally made me sick inside if I even heard some of their names or thought about them in any way.  I even considered not being with my boyfriend anymore because I felt so alone and so against everyone that even he reminded me of a lack of love that I had for myself and my life, which was too bad considering there was a time when he was the safest and best part of my life.

It was like there was a black cloud hanging over my life, I was so angry and miserable.  Everywhere I went and everything I did, I couldn't stop thinking about it and feeling hurt and betrayed and angry.  They literally ruined my life... But you know what..? I allowed them to hurt me.  I allowed myself to go to hate instead of love.  And even four months ago I didn't think I realized I was also sharing responsiblity for what happened to me.

So dude, you have really changed me and my life with BodyTalk.  You have given me the gift of friendship.  I have become a better person, a happier and a more whole person.  No longer do things affect me the way they used to.  I finally feel free, like I am on the road to healing so many things that weighed me down and held me back from being the real me.  Let's face it, I still have lots of work and healing to do; but I am confident that in a year from now I will be someone that I never even dreamt of being was possible.  I truly believe that my future is going to have so much joy and magic.  So thanks friend, I love you and thank you for what you do."

--Melanie Belley, 25, Sherwood Park AB

"Feeling free and loving me!! I first met Dylan at the Farmer’s Market where I had an introductory session to try out the BodyTalk System and see if the experience was a good fit with my goal of holistic personal growth and healing. For almost three decades I experienced cyclical bouts of depression and anxiety and only had mild success with allopathic treatments and self help experimentation.

The BodyTalk System gently peeled my layers of; self doubt, feelings of being less than, the heavy grey blanket of depression, the feelings of worry of the future and others. Now, I am confident to say with a glowing smile that I feel peaceful, joyful, and radiant. My investment in sessions is easily one of the best decisions I have made in my life thus far."

--Jennifer Cline, 41, Penticton BC

"Today was an fabulous experience. I brought my teenage daughter to see Dylan Smeaton for a BodyTalk session in Penticton Clinic. He was so kind and friendly with her. He spent time explaining how it all works which was so interesting. I am amazing on how much areas of her life that he was able to tap into. Mind, Body, spirit plus family and school life. He was able to tap into her past lives, her life today and what might be coming up for her in her future. When he found things were out of balance he was able to adjust them by raising or lowering the vibrations or taping them clear, so that it was all in more balance for her overall wellness. He was clearly able to access subconscious and unconscious behaviours, thoughts and emotions and he helped her to see it all in a new light. He was also able to connect in with the animals in her life too which she loved. She was left feeling very empowered and has a new way to see her life. I am amazing with how much he was able to do in just one hour. I would highly recommend a session with Dylan Smeaton."

--Maria O' Farrell, 41, Penticton BC

"Thank you very much Dylan.  Since my sessions with you it has helped me to understand that I too need to help myself to help others.  It has woken me up and you have many great talents and some that you have not opened the doors yet.  You will understand what I mean when you do.  I would love to do what you do and if it's in the cards for me, I trust that it will come to fruition.  I think I just need to find me and release some stuff to move on first.  Grateful that you are on my journey!"

--Angela Ahlstrom, 39, Edmonton AB

"My 20 year-old daughter started sessions with Dylan in October of 2014.  When she began sessions with him, she was very closed off, angry at the world, had an eating disorder, was depressed, was using drugs to cope with her emotions and scarily enough at times was suicidal.  I, in turn, was absolutely sick with worry about her.

Over a period of six years, I had taken her to numerous medical doctors, counselors, homeopathic doctors, pretty much any professional I could think of to help her.  Despite their best efforts we could see very little if any progress and my daughter just kept sinking lower and lower.

The first few sessions with Dylan were rough for her I think.  He was helping her to work through some really tough subjects.  Within a short period of time she began talking more, started eating better, found motivation and began to realize that she has an important place in this world.

Fast forward to today, a short six months later, and my daughter has just finished being accepted to college in the fall.  She laughs all the time, eats healthy, exercises in a healthy way, doesn't call in sick to her job, and is finally finding joy in her life. 

There is no possible way I could ever say thank you enough to Dylan for helping to bring my beautiful, smart, talented and genuinely kind and happy daughter back to us.  To see her calm and focused, smiling and laughing brings me to tears...happy tears.

Thank you Dylan."

--Dawn Mitchell, 40, Edson AB 

"I began my journey because doing it yourself only takes you so far. Finding the right tools to lead you in the direction you know you need to go but don't know how, is when Dylan came into my life. It was not by chance but the right time and the right moment for the push I was seeking. When I started with him in October 2014 I felt lost and alone. I kept repeating the same mistakes and couldn't figure out what the universe was trying to say.

Dylan gave me an interpretation that made sense and the addition of different types of methods from tapping to reiki to meditation I have come leaps and bounds. I am more confident in my intuition and trusting myself, there is this feeling of lightness as we peel back the layers. I feel healed in ways that I can't even explain. This is a person that gives you incredible tools to become the person you were meant to be."

--Germaine Roberto, 34, Edson AB

"Session with Dylan is an amazing journey to your own inner-self.  It's a journey to the surface of the spiritual world that will help you to realize and discover who you really are.  The most beautiful part is that sessions helped me to gather strength and love to face MYSELF and to be MYSELF without the fear that the true ME will be hidden behind other people expectations and pressure of today's society."

--Terezija Nad, 34, Penticton BC

"Before I started attending sessions with Dylan, I would go through many of what I call DARK NIGHTS of the soul.  I was frustrated and bitter because I was doing the same things and expecting different results.  I was stuck, I knew things had to change, but I didn't know where to start nor how.  I've been healing myself most of my life, but doing BodyTalk with Dylan has really helped me get in touch with myself.  Today I feel positive, hopeful, and I have faith that I have what it takes to get me where I want to go.  I value myself more, and overall I am just happier.  Not only that, but I have learned many tools to help me continue on my journey.  Dylan is great at what he does and he has a genuine concern for your wellbeing.  Thank you Dylan, you have really made a difference in my life!" 

--Rebecca Wright, 44, Airdrie AB


"I have been working with Dylan for 9 months and it has been fantastic! I have done a lot of healing and releasing in this time period and a lot of it can be contributed to Dylan's beautiful gifts. He is thoughtful, understanding, and so very intelligent. It was kind of amazing how things that I had been working on for so long didn't shift until I was working with Dylan. We would have a session and that night or the following day I would have family members come up to talk to me about the very things we had worked on in session, conversations that had never happened before hand that I had always tried to have. This stuff really works! It releases a lot of things, my confidence has sky rocketed and I have gained much clarity in my life since starting this. Well worth the investment! Thank you Dylan!"

--Maria Roberto, 35, Edson AB

"Dylan was introduced to me by my oldest sister in fall 2014. I had been looking for some type of healing work and wanted something that worked with my schedule and my big personality.

The first session was the door to a journey i had long been waiting for! I've always been a deep and open person, however BodyTalk brought it to a totally deeper level of awareness. A tool that has and will continue to develop through each session and an excellent building block for living my best life. From stressful situations, road blocks or simply standing for what you believe; Dylan helps bring the negative aspects in life to a positive transformation.  BodyTalk has become a way for me to process and appreciate me and all my self worth. I am moving forward in balance and on purpose, as I am establishing a better relationship with my partner, my family and with myself. I love the doors of success it has opened while providing me the "know how" and "gut feeling" we were meant to follow.

Dylan and BodyTalk is forever there as my balance, my reminder and my friend."

--Andonia Reynolds, 30, Golden BC

Being Wellness & Healing

Heal Yourself; Heal Your World

...Be sure to check out the Recommended Reading References section of Being Wellness and Healing to learn much more about the work that we do, and how you can learn to become aware of your potential today!

...Did you know? 

The leading cause of death in North America is called: 
Iatrogenic Illness

...which is the mortality rate due to the medical treatment of a disease.  In other words, medical treatment for disease causes more fatalities than the actual disease itself.  ...Nearly 800,000 North Americans decease every year from Iatrogenic Illness, including about 300,000 from presciption drugs mix-ups alone.

Cardiovascular diseases, like heart attacks, kill nearly 700,000 North Americans annually

And cancer causes about 550,000 North Americans their life each year

Source: Death by Medicine, by Dr. Gary Null, PhD

Being Wellness and Healing
Heal Yourself; Heal Your World

...Did You Know?

Matter behaves differently when it's being observed, compared to when it is being left unobserved. 

Here is a 6-minute video link to a simple explanation of the famous "double slit experiment": 

And another video link to a more detailed 9-minute explanation of the experiment:

...On a real world level, have you ever noticed yourself behaving differently when you feel as though you are being watched? 

...If so, you're not alone!  It is a true and measurable real phenomena!  This is why your state-of-mind is so important, because how you perceive the world, literally affects the world!

Being Wellness and Healing
Heal Yourself; Heal Your World

...Did You Know?

Being Wellness and Healing offers long distance private wellness and healing sessions over the telephone or Skype. Through the process of Quantum Entanglement, our practitioners can tune in to your needs wherever and whenever you need them!

Visit our Ordering Private Sessions page for details on how we can reach you and support your needs today!

Being Wellness and Healing
Heal Yourself; Heal Your World

...Did You Know?

There is a 4th state of water that has been discovered by Professor Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington.

When water reacts to light, it separates into H+ and OH- and when it is in this state, it creates an energy reaction that propels the cells of plants, animals and humans to have the ability to act as a kind of light-driven battery, and with this energy, has the ability to perform its functions with near perfect simplicity.

In fact, as our understanding of water continues to grow, many professional trainers and doctors even now recommend way more water than they used to.  Previously, eight 8oz glasses of water were recommended by Health Canada for decades;  ...But now, more healthcare professionals endorse a person consume, in ounces, half of a persons body weight in pounds.

For example, a 200-pound individual, it is recommended that they consume 100 ounces of water per day!  Yes, that's nearly 4L of water each day!

Being Wellness and Healing
Heal Yourself; Heal Your World

...Did You Know?

There is a phenomena called inedia which is the process by which an individual has the ability to endure long periods without consuming any food. 

Fasting has been around for centuries and is nothing new, in fact in "Western Medicine," they will make a patient fast for a time before beginning the surgery. 

There is much evidence to support the claim that as many as 30,000 people in the world live completely without solid food. 

This ancient phenomena is not recommended for just anyone, as much preparation is needed to ensure no disasterous health effects will be incurred to the individual. 

Many cultures have observed this reality, the Sadhu of Hinduism claim to "live off of light" and, in Taosim, one who avoids food is called Bi Gu.  In North America, there is a community calling themselves Breatharians that claim to be able to live off of light as well.

While we at Being Wellness and Healing do not want to polarize ourselves with an opinion on this matter, we can say it is medically provable that some people have shown the ability to live without any food or water, in a clinical environment, for 10 days; And without solid food for as long as 21 days!

Being Wellness and Healing
Heal Yourself; Heal Your World

...Did You Know?

The human body has THREE brains?!!

It is now medically known that the human body has nervous systems that surround the heart and line the digestive system.

...The HeartMath Institute in Colorado has discovered what is called an Intrinsic Cardiac Ganglia that operates as a central nervous system for the heart!

Below is an image of what one of these cardiac ganglia look like:

...And these ganglia all link together to form a neural network, totaling roughly about 40 thousand of them in number, all interconnected together operating as its own system, as the image below shows:


...These intrinsic cardiac ganglia are located around the right atrium of the heart, as the image below describes, and the heart brain sends more information to the head brain than it receives! 

...And what's more, there also has been more recent discoveries about another neural network, or "brain," located in the digestive system, called the Enteric Nervous System or "Stomach Brain"

Below is a diagram of how the enteric nervous system (the yellow network in the image) lines the small intestine:

Detailed research by doctors on the enteric nervous system has only just begun in the last few years, but below is an image of how these Myenteric Ganglia and Submucosal Ganglia network together, totalling about 500 million neurons in the enteric nervous system

...There will be more research about the enteric nervous system in the years ahead, but for now, to say the least, we have much more to discover about the human body!