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Thought of the Day for Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

"At time today it may feel like nothing can go right, but then, a moment later, suddenly it may feel like it is going fine again.  It's one of those kind of days where we have to be on guard about what we engage with, as we may get pulled into other peoples drama's pretty fast.  ...And it's not that we're too distant to the point that we don't care, it's just that we have our own life to live and there's not a lot we can do to solve other people's problems for them.  They have to learn how to walk on their own, or they may never learn how to walk properly, in fact it may do more harm than good to "be there for them".  They have to figure it out on their own, just like you do.  So just remain calm and stick to your guns, the day will pass with much insight and inspiration about why some things take time to clear.  Be patient and have faith the day will unfold as it needs to.  

Thought of the Day for Monday, June 5th, 2017

"Today begins to mark that the season of change, the Spring season, that is upon us now, is starting to draw to a close.  Perhaps it has been a bit of a slow awakening for some of us so far this Spring season, but it feels like we might get a bit of an abrupt awakening soon, as suddenly it may dawn on us that June is here and we need to get going to make the most out of this beautiful moment while we can.  The Summer Solstice is almost here already, and as soon as the days start to get shorter, the feeling of "cracking the whip and getting down to business" to get the most out of our summertime, will soon be prevalent for all of us.  It's hard to believe we are halfway through 2017 already.  Better get used to this feeling of change and start enjoying the moment while we can, because there is more change coming for all of us, and when it does come, we will have to adapt to it when it gets here; which means the current moment will be gone and so we better enjoy it while we can." 

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Penticton Downtown Farmers Market 
by Dylan Smeaton and Avichi van Campen

Location:  300 block of Penticton Downtown Farmers Market
Cost:   $20 for 15mins
Date:  Every Saturday from 9am to 2pm
Description:  Dylan Smeaton and Avichi van Campen are proud to team-up and co-launch our booths at the world famous Penticton Farmers Market again this year. Our booths feature 15-minute BodyTalk Energy Healing mini-sessions with Dylan Smeaton. Avichi van Campen's booth will feature essential oils from Young Living and doTERRA, available in single bottles or complete sets with information packages available. Everyone is welcome to come on down for a great boost of energy, a terrific massage or even just to pop-by to say hello, we look forward to seeing you down there!

Chakradance in the Okanagan Drop-in Class
with Avichi van Campen

Location: Zumba Studio in the Cannery Building in Penticton BC
Cost: $20
Date: Tuesday, June 6th, at 7pm
Description: Chakradance is an incredible opportunity to connect with your body and soul as you dance with your eyes closed to music specifically designed to direct focus on the seven main chakras. Spend 90 minutes with yourself as you observe each one of your Chakra centers as you connect with them one at a time. Get to know yourself even deeper by receiving insights in a wide range of manners from identifying where stress is coming from in our lives, or peer into your intuitions for the future, or just get some good old fashioned healing and exercise! After the dance is finished, we get an opportunity to create a mandala picture of our inspirations and insights from the dance to take home with us to help us integrate and digest our experience even further! A great experience for people of all ages! Visit www.avichi.ca for more details or check out Chakradance in the Okanagan on Facebook!  **Please note: there are regular 9-week cycles of Chakradance coming up this spring, please stay tuned**

Percussion Drum Circle

Location:  Odd-Fellows Hall in Summerland BC
Cost: $15
Date: Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm
Description:  Some good old fashioned rhythm and beats to get your heart-rate up, your spirit in tune with others and a smile upon your face.  You are welcome to come with your own drum, but there are drums supplied also if you do not have your own.  Join like-minded good spirited people as we drum up some good energy every Wednesday night!  Bring a friend and come have some great fun!

Celebration Sunday Service
with The South Okanagan Metaphysical Society

Location: Drop-in Center in Penticton BC
Cost: Small Donation ($5 recommended)
Date: Every Sunday at 10am
Description: The South Okanagan Metaphysical Society is a non-denominational Sunday Service that meets every Sunday in the Senior's Center in Penticton, and each week they feature a different speaker from the alternative health and wellness community around the Okanagan Valley. Learn all kinds of interesting topics and news around town, upcoming classes and even cutting-edge modalities and stories from speakers from all different walks of Life living in the valley. There is a pre-service meditation and private healing available at 10am with the main service beginning at 10:30am. All are welcome. Visit www.ccandms.ca for a list of the upcoming speakers, or “like” their Facebook group for even more information and live updates.

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Dylan Smeaton

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Jacqueline Seitz

In-person sessions available in the Kootenay BC Canada region, location is negotiable depending on your transportation availability

Long-distance sessions availabile via
Skype or phone
email: selfmastery@hotmail.ca
Facebook: Jacqueline Seitz
website: www.selfmasterybodytalk.com

Avichi van Campen

Little Lotus Wellness Studio
#206--301 Main Street
Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
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email: info@avichi.ca
Facebook: Avichi van Campen
website: www.avichi.ca

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