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Your center for professional practitioners offering in-person and/or long distance healing sessions for mental, spiritual and emotional health for genuine lasting physical well-being


Being Wellness and Healing grants you the opportunity to employ “the missing piece" that is naturally within you, which is the key to your overall health and personal well-being.  By using natural modalities and accredited systems of healing, the practitioners at Being Wellness and Healing will seek to resynchronize and reinvigorate your body/mind complex, and help you reach the absolute peak of your optimal Self. 

Being Wellness and Healing subscribes to the epigenetic theory that describes the evolutionary process by which some of our body's individual gene-expressions are affected by our world and by Life in general (also known as: living) around us. Influence from exposure to generational family belief systems, harmful physical environments, spiritual karma, in-utero predispositions, dietary sensitivities and popular cultural lifestyles choices all can accumulate to overwhelm the natural communication lines within the multi-tiered systems that function synchronistically within us.

As communication tiers breakdown, and their malfunctions permitted to continue over long term periods of time, they can put a type of repeated subtle stress on the body that can impair our motivation, reasoning and judgement. Over the long term, in its extreme form, it can take the form of physical or mental dis-ease, and/or appear in more subtle ways of unhappiness or self-deprecating lifestyle choices.

...At Being Wellness & Healing, we afford you the opportunity to experience the re-coordination of your body's existing internal innate organization, to release your stress and help you to feel free and clear of the blocks that impede the expression of your consciousness's highest living potential.

The work we accomplish for you works on a level that not only treats the symptoms of your existing conditions, but since we are attending to the fundamental needs of the root of the cause of our imbalances, it will also prevent further conditions from even manifesting in the first place!

The changes in you will begin almost immediately, but the healing journey can be a long and arduous one, and Together Everyone Accomplishes More as a TEAM to support you in reaching your goals! Enlist our services today to help you build a team of support for you and enlighten your mind to understanding conscious health and self-awareness. Take control of your life by exploring and applying the skills of the professionals available to you at Being Wellness and Healing today!

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          Testimonials of Experiences
      with Being Wellness and Healing

     My 20 year-old daughter started sessions with Dylan in October of 2014.  When she began sessions with him, she was very closed off, angry at the world, had an eating disorder, was depressed, was using drugs to cope with her emotions and scarily enough at times was suicidal.  I, in turn, was absolutely sick with worry about her. 

Over a period of six years, I had taken her to numerous medical doctors, counselors, homeopathic doctors, pretty much any professional I could think of to help her.  Despite their best efforts we could see very little if any progress and my daughter just kept sinking lower and lower. 

The first few sessions with Dylan were rough for her I think.  He was helping her to work through some really tough subjects.  Within a short period of time she began talking more, started eating better, found motivation and began to realize that she has an important place in this world. 

Fast forward to today, a short six months later, and my daughter has just finished being accepted to college in the fall.  She laughs all the time, eats healthy, exercises in a healthy way, doesn't call in sick to her job, and is finally finding joy in her life.  

There is no possible way I could ever say thank you enough to Dylan for helping to bring my beautiful, smart, talented and genuinely kind and happy daughter back to us.  To see her calm and focused, smiling and laughing brings me to tears...happy tears.

Thank you Dylan.

          --Dawn Mitchell, 40, Edson Alberta  

Being Wellness and Healing
Heal Yourself; Heal Your World

"BodyTalk is my saviour, it has literally saved my life. It gave me the strength and confidence that I needed to leave my abusive marriage, which I tried unsuccessfully to do for years! It saved my son and I from an unhappy existence. I feel like its changed me in so many ways: I'm happy, confident and I make decsions much easier. I trust my intuition and I find that I don't sweat the small stuff anymore, and at work I find the things that would have stressed me out before just bounce off of me now. I am very happy to have reached my ultimate goal of happiness and freedom. I feel that it's all because of what BodyTalk can do! I would strongly recommend it to everyone!"

  --Natasha Edwards, 37, Calgary Alberta

Being Welless and Healing
Heal Yourself; Heal Your World