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Dylan Smeaton CBP CYT

Dylan Smeaton is the founder of Being Wellness & Healing and has been a certified practitioner of the BodyTalk System since 2009.  He is also a 250hr Certified Yoga Teacher in Hatha and Yin Yoga; a private meditation guide, business consultation specialist and public speaker.  He has been a featured news article on Shaw TV and has been a guest columnist and speaker with OKinHealth emagazine and events since 2012.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Dylan's personal health and wellness journey began in 1990, when he was 12 years old, when his mother received her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.  With the "incurable" prognosis of MS,  his family took their health and wellness very seriously; and today, Dylan can be found serving clients locally in-person at the South Okanagan Naturopathic Clinic in Penticton, in B.C.'s Okanagan Valley.

Dylan has performed over 3,000 private sessions on hundreds of cases of individuals, tending to a range of subjects and conditions--from personal consciousness evolution and physical healing sessions, to private relationships and team-building group consciousness work.

Dylan encourages everyone to learn as much about themselves as they can, and to take their personal health and wellness passionately.



"My 20 year-old daughter started sessions with Dylan in October of 2014.  When she began sessions with him, she was very closed off, angry at the world, had an eating disorder, was depressed, was using drugs to cope with her emotions and scarily enough at times was suicidal.  I, in turn, was absolutely sick with worry about her. 

Over a period of six years, I had taken her to numerous medical doctors, counselors, homeopathic doctors, pretty much any professional I could think of to help her.  Despite their best efforts we could see very little if any progress and my daughter just kept sinking lower and lower.

The first few sessions with Dylan were rough for her I think.  He was helping her to work through some really tough subjects.  Within a short period of time she began talking more, started eating better, found motivation and began to realize that she has an important place in this world. 

Fast forward to today, a short six months later, and my daughter has just finished being accepted to college in the fall.  She laughs all the time, eats healthy, exercises in a healthy way, doesn't call in sick to her job, and is finally finding joy in her life.  

There is no possible way I could ever say thank you enough to Dylan for helping to bring my beautiful, smart, talented and genuinely kind and happy daughter back to us.  To see her calm and focused, smiling and laughing brings me to tears...happy tears."

Thank you Dylan.

          --Dawn Mitchell, 40, Edson Alberta

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