Philosophy of Service

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Being Wellness and Healing specializes in serving professional long-distance private sessions to anyone, anywhere in the world via Videochat service (such as Zoom, Facebook, Teams
or WhatsApp)
or by telephone call; and we also feature private in-person sessions

throughout local Western Canada.

We are trained to provide customized private sessions that can have multiple clinically-proven
health benefits.  At BWH, you are granted the opportunity to have transpersonal healing sessions
with one of our qualified professionals to help you to learn about yourself, and help you to
manage your life and to achieve what you were born to pursue.

Our results are accomplished via uniting different aspects of research that encompass the sum of human knowledge on healing that exists today.  Practical "Western" medical anatomy
and physiology is blended with a holistic approach of energy-field dynamics
from "Eastern" medical expertise, resulting in a completely natural and safe method of healing;
providing you with the most up-to-date understanding of the most ancient
practiced form of wellness and healing in human history,

revised for the 21st century.

The results the practitioners at Being Wellness and Healing can provide you with is a proven
method of service which can help you to reach your pinnacle peak of your personal evolution,
and gives you an edge that creates an advantage for you that cannot be replicated elsewhere, as
each session is custom-tailored just specifically for you!

We treat clients tending to a wide range of subjects and conditions--such as leadership, personal growth and relationship building; as well as obesity, poverty and addiction recovery.

Examine us today to book your own private session and find out for yourself just how we can help you find your optimal way of being for the 21st-century.

We have more stimulus than ever before in history, which has both positive and negative effects on our internal and external compatibility with our environments.  Maintaining a balanced lifestyle requires practice and can take time to achieve your personal results in life;  Having some support to help you to acheive your goals, and weather the storms and fluctuations that can occur in the rhythm of your day-to-day life, can make a huge difference in whether or not you reach your life's goals.  

The methods employed by the practitioners of Being Wellness & Healing are accredited systems of healing that can be achieved in-person or via long distance by one of our commited practitioners giving you the best quality of their attention and service. With regular private sessions with BW&H, the way you perceive your reality will begin to evolve nearly immediately, and, therefore, the way you do
your normal daily living will evolve quickly and naturally.

Check out our FAQ and recommended references section for more details about the
science of BodyTalk!

Join us today and get the most out of your Universe!