The information provided by the website and practitioners of Being Wellness and Healing is intended for information and educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice or treatment.  If you or one of your family members are experiencing medical distress, please contact your local qualified medical practitioners, such as HealthlinkBC, or go to a medical facility in your local area.  Being Wellness and Healing is not responsible for the actions of individuals who read the information contained within this website.

BodyTalk is a mind-body Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) system, recognized by institutions such as the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC), and is recommended only to those who are willing to have it as part of a healthy and complete lifestyle.

Therefore, the practitioners at Being Wellness and Healing will never diagnose a patient with an illness or injury, nor will we claim to cure or treat any illness or injury; philosophically because:

Dr. Veltheim, The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk, 1st edition (2013), page 34: 

"When a patient's health problems are narrowed down to a simplistic label, such as a stomach ulcer or breast cancer, a great injustice is being done to the patient.  The limitations of a diagnostic database have omitted key elements that are crucial in addressing the patient's ailment in a truly holistic way.  A host of unique factors, contributing to and underpinning their symptom, is being ignored.

When health problems are thus diluted and given a generic label, the subsequent treatment model will be equally generic.  ...In essence, the diagnostic model ignores the uniqueness and complexity of their individual health issues and the way these have developed over time.

...This is why so many people label themselves "a cancer patient," "a diabetic," etc.  Patients are, essentially, being taught to identify themselvs as their symptoms.  ...(and) when a patient identifies with a symptom, this attitude can constitute, in and of itself, a health problem, and, ...more often than not, symptoms will recur or transmute to different areas of the body."

...Therefore the practitioners at Being Wellness and Healing will only seek to observe your innate healing process and philosophically will not contribute to enabling a patient's archetypal consciousness complex. 

Meaning, we at Being Wellness and Healing are looking at what makes a person who they are and how they perceive themselves in their environment.

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